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How DOE Researchers Are Using AI And Robots To Design The Successor To Lithium-Ion Batteries
December 29, 2020
Building a better battery may be too big a job for humans alone, according to researchers at the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, so the researchers are enlisting the help of artificial intelligence and robots.

How We Survive: Paying for Power
Marketplace Tech Podcast Series
December 5, 2020
Host Molly Wood chats with Gerd Ceder and Kristin Persson about how batteries are the key to the electrification of cars and buses and other systems that currently rely on fossil fuels.

Electric-Car Batteries Get a Boost From Artificial Intelligence
The Wall Street Journal
November 3, 2020
Researchers are using AI to speed up the development of batteries that are safer and recharge faster.

Companies Race to Mine Lithium, a Battery Essential
PBS News Hour
July 8, 2020
PBS Newshour interviewed JCESR directors George Crabtree and Venkat Srinivasan for this story on how lithium has become integral to our daily lives, due to its essential role as a battery material in electronic devices.

Why long duration storage is best for Minnesota
Renewable Energy World
May 27, 2020
George Crabtree, the Director of Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, is proud of Great River Energy’s announcement with Form Energy.

Developers Nationwide Seeking to Unlock More Grid Battery Storage
Natural Gas Intelligence
May 27, 2020
A growing number of applications beyond transportation, such as wildfire and climate change mitigation, have added impetus nationally to find more commercially viable battery storage solutions.

California Utility Is Set to Build Giant 770-MW Energy Battery Storage
Engineering News-Record
May 15, 2020
Developers are awaiting approval by the California Public Utilities Commission to begin construction on 770 MW of four-hour lithium-ion battery energy storage systems for Southern California Edison in what is seen as one of the largest such U.S. procurements.

Inside Clean Energy: With Planned Closing of North Dakota Coal Plant, Energy Transition Comes Home to Rural America
Inside Climate News
May 14, 2020
Battery storage is a vital part of building a grid that is capable of phasing out fossil fuels, because wind and solar are intermittent energy sources. Crabtree sees this project as an intriguing step that is “totally different from everything else” on the market today.

Researchers Develop Real-Time Picture of Formation of Solid–Electrolyte Interphase of a Li-ion Battery
Green Car Congress
February 10, 2020
During the first charging process of a new Li-ion battery cell, trace amounts of electrolyte components decompose sacrificially to form what is called a solid–electrolyte interphase (SEI) on the anode surface.

Better Lithium-Ion Batteries Possible with Nanoscale Molecular View of Self-Assembling Structure
Science Daily
February 6, 2020
The first hours of a lithium-ion battery’s life largely determine just how well it will perform. In those moments, a set of molecules self-assembles into a structure inside the battery that will affect the battery for years to come.

Falling Battery Price Transforms Economics of Green Energy
January 2, 2020
A dramatic fall in the price of lithium-ion batteries over the past decade is transforming the economics of renewable energy as well as the affordability of electric vehicles.


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