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October 27, 2016
The striking and swift evolution of cell phones from cumbersome bricks to sleek, powerful devices owes a lot to the development of the lithium-ion batteries used to charge them up. Next-generation batteries could bring the kind of change to the electricity grid that we’ve seen in telephones.
August 12, 2016
Look back to the year 2001 and it’s hard to imagine how different the world was. If the progress since then seems incredible, strap yourself in, because the change over the next 15 years in energy storage and other areas will be far more fundamental and pervasive.
Technology Progresses when Business, Government, and Academia Work Together
Harvard Business Review
June 16, 2016
New organizations have risen up to solve our toughest problems. The key to making these organizations work is integrating the work of discovery-driven researchers, applied scientists, and engineers in the private sector.
Why Energy Storage May Be the Most Important Technology in the World Right Now
April 1, 2016
While there has been enormous progress, lithium-ion batteries are still too expensive to displace conventional technologies such as gasoline engines for cars and gas turbines for electricity. Prices need to fall by an additional 50-80 percent to be economically compelling for cars and the grid.

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