Venkat Srinivasan

Venkat Srinivasan, an Argonne National Laboratory Senior Scientist, is the Director of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research. From 2013 to 2023, he served as deputy director of JCESR and helped implement the scientific mission of the energy storage innovation hub. Prior to Argonne, Srinivasan was a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab where he led multiple scientific programs focused on energy storage and the electric grid.

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Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh, Deputy Director, Operations is responsible for effectively managing the mission support needs of JCESR. This includes the responsibility for leading and managing teams across the JCESR partner set involving fiscal management, human/capital management, technology and resource allocation, major infrastructure planning, ESH & QA, program review/reporting, internal and external communications, and adherence to policies, procedures, directives and regulations.

Lynn Trahey

Lynn Trahey is a materials scientist in JCESR where she leads scientific integration efforts as Research Integration Officer. A staff scientist at Argonne National Laboratory since 2010, Trahey’s research focuses on electrodeposition, anodization, and operando characterization of materials and interfaces for advanced secondary batteries.

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Fik Brushett

Fik Brushett is an Associate Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been involved in JCESR since its inception in varying roles, where he collaborated closely with the entire partner set. The focus of his work was both to establish rigorous materials design criteria for next-generation redox flow batteries and to develop appropriate testing platforms for novel redox chemistries.

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George Crabtree

George Crabtree, an Argonne National Laboratory Senior Scientist and Distinguished Fellow, was the Director of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research from JCESR’s founding in 2012 until his death in January 2023. As JCESR Director, Crabtree directed the overall strategy and goals of the research program and operational plan, acted as liaison to executives of JCESR partner organizations, and represented JCESR with external constituencies and advisory committees.

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