Founded in 2012, JCESR is one of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Energy Innovation Hubs. The mission of these Hubs is to advance promising areas of energy science and engineering from the earliest stages of research to the point of commercialization.

The mission of JCESR is to design and build transformative materials enabling next-generation batteries that satisfy all the performance metrics for a given application. JCESR will achieve its mission by designing and building materials from the bottom up, atom-by-atom and molecule-by-molecule, where each atom or molecule plays a prescribed role in producing targeted overall materials behavior.

Strategic Outlook

JCESR will create transformative materials that bridge the gap between today’s technology and tomorrow’s needs, ultimately achieving a diversity of batteries for a diversity of uses and meeting multiple performance criteria such as cost, energy density, charging rate, lifetime, and safety simultaneously.

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Research Legacy

Since 2012, JCESR focused on identifying materials in the “beyond-lithium-ion” space with the potential to revolutionize energy storage. Our reductionist approach resulted in new knowledge and concepts that impact the energy storage community beyond JCESR.

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By the Numbers

Since 2012, our 150+ researchers hailing from 20 institutions published 824+ papers, submitted 32+ patent applications and 83 invention disclosures, and launched 3 startups. Our community reach includes 324 JCESR alumni and 100+ affiliates hailing from 26 states and 4 countries.

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JCESR Community

Recognizing the importance of lithium sulfur to transform the current battery landscape, JCESR, with OXIS Energy and Imperial College London, initiated the Li-SM3 Conference in 2016, providing a forum for international collaboration for this transformative conference.

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The JCESR Executive Leadership Team includes the Hub Director, Deputy Director for Research, Deputy Director for Operations, and Research Integration Leads—individuals recognized by DOE, industry, and the JCESR team for their leadership and innovation.

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