Within JCESR are institutions working across all stages of the innovation chain, from national laboratories and universities to industry. JCESR has the combination of national laboratories, universities, industry and key experts to meet the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the Hub in one centrally managed organization.

The scientific gaps in knowledge and the challenges we have identified going forward require expertise in many different fields, spanning inorganic and organic materials, electrochemistry, chemistry, spectroscopy, surface science, X-rays, theory, and computation. This expertise lies in many different institutions and requires a collaborative approach to ensure that progress is made toward the overall goals.

Meeting these goals requires an organization of more than 150 researchers—across 20 institutions, spanning fundamental materials science to engineering expertise. JCESR has demonstrated that such an effort can be successful and that the outcomes far exceed what these researchers and institutions can achieve working separately.

JCESR’s affiliates and other collaborators in the community are critical to achieving its vision and mission. We continually interact with cooperating organizations across the full spectrum of energy storage science–from research institutions to battery technology companies to electric vehicle manufacturers to international universities and institutions. This collaboration enables JCESR to actively share information and insight across the broad energy storage community.