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Berkeley: Scientific Collaboration Seeks Ultimate Battery
Inside Bay Area
December 4, 2013
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory seeks the ultimate battery in a collaborative partnership known as the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research.
U.S. Quest for 5X Battery Boost Seeks ‘Game-Changing’ Tech
Computer World
November 15, 2013
In the push to develop a new type of battery by 2017, the government has focused on three research avenues.
The Future Requires (Better) Batteries
The Wall Street Journal
November 11, 2013
Batteries of the future will come in all shapes and sizes and will store energy for a broad range of applications.
Transatlantic Bid for Next Generation of Batteries
PV Magazine
November 8, 2013
Director George Crabtree is securing transatlantic collaboration for a $120 million five-year project to develop the next generation of batteries.
Silicon Valley in Race for Battery Breakthrough
KQED Science
November 1, 2013
The Bay Area is becoming a hub for start-ups and multinational corporations hoping to produce the next big battery breakthrough.
Building a Better Battery
Chicago Tonight, WTTW Chicago
October 23, 2013
Director George Crabtree speaks with Phil Ponce of Chicago Tonight on the challenges and rewards of building a better battery.
The Race to Build a Better Battery
September 17, 2013
As computing power grows exponentially, the next energy challenge is updating decades-old battery technology. At the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research the task to re-invent the battery is underway.
Chicago Innovation Awards Announces 100 Finalists
Tech Cocktail
September 11, 2013
Yesterday, after an extensive judging process that sorted through 526 nominations, the 100 finalists for the Chicago Innovation Awards were announced.
Bill Moller Show: George Crabtree Interview
WGN Radio
August 24, 2013
Director George Crabtree speaks with Bill Moller of WGN on creating better batteries at the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research.
Powering the Future: Inside the quest for a better battery
August 16, 2013
CBS News spoke with Jeff Chamberlain, Deputy Director of Development and Demonstration at the the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, to better understand the future direction of batteries.
Powering the Future: The next big thing in batteries
July 29, 2013
CBS News traveled to Argonne National Laboratory, where the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) is sited, to discuss the future of batteries with JCESR experts.
OXIS Jump-Starts First Commercialization Of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Hybrid Cars
July 26, 2013
More often, revolutions start with a big bang but could it be the replacement for lithium-ion batteries is taking off with a relatively small but not insignificant pop?
Disruptive Battery Tech
July 23, 2013
In May 2013, McKinsey’s Global Institute named energy storage devices or physical systems that store energy for later use as one of 12 disruptive technologies that will impact the economy and shape the future.
On The Road To Sustainability: A High-Speed Lane Of Sustainable Ideas
Maintenance Technology
July 19, 2013
Through technical expertise, funding and education, JCESR partner, Clean Energy Trust accelerates the go-to-market process for green innovations.
New Battery Could Aid Solar And Wind-Power Transmission
Electrical Contractor
July 19, 2013
Despite the growing popularity of solar and wind power, the two renewable technologies still suffer from one glaring weakness: both generate power at nature’s mercy.
The Biggest Battery You Haven’t Seen
KQED Science
May 24, 2013
PG&E unveiled California’s largest battery, now storing electrons in San Jose. The project is a pilot for energy storage technology, as electric utilities look for ways to balance increasing amounts of solar and wind energy on the grid.
Brains to Boost Battery Power
WVXU Cincinnati
May 17, 2013
The rush is on for a better battery that will be smaller, hold more power, and charge faster. The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research or JCESR will gather brain power from five national labs, five universities and industry.
Rep. Lipinski Tours Argonne
The Chicago Tribune
May 7, 2013
U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3), senior member of the House Science, Space & Technology Committee, toured Argonne National Laboratory and met with Laboratory Director Eric D. Isaacs to discuss plans for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR).
Clean, Cheap Energy in Three (Not So) Easy Steps
The Washington Post
April 22, 2013
Director George Crabtree details research underway at the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research in this interview.
Can Caesar Rescue Obama’s Energy Legacy?
April 17, 2013
The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research has a five-year mission: to develop a battery with five times the energy density of lithium ion, at one-fifth the cost.
Why Batteries Matter
President Barack Obama visits Argonne National Laboratory
Christian Science Monitor
March 15, 2013
President Obama visited the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research sited at Argonne National Laboratory to announce a $2 billion plan to boost battery and transportation research.
Batteries Included?
The Economist
February 2, 2013
The search for better ways of storing electricity is heating up. The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research a $120 million grant to research battery technology.
Chicago to Lead Nation on Electric Vehicles
Midwest Energy News
January 25, 2013
With the new battery hub — the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research — Chicago seeks to lead the nation on electric vehicles.

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