Understanding of electrolyte solution chemistry and interface electrochemistry of divalent metal batteries

Refined electrolyte solution structure of Mg2+, solvent, and anion molecules by solvation-shell adjusters

Scientific Achievement

This review discusses the design of electrolytes that involve different solvation structures related, in particular, the choice of anionic species.  It focuses on the dynamic interplay of these electrolytes with interfaces as well as the electrochemistry of divalent metal anodes.

Significance and Impact

Critical evaluation and careful elucidation of the interplay between electrolyte structure and interface electrochemistry for divalent metal anodes provides predictive guidance for electrolyte design and development, and the integration of electrolytes with electrodes.

Research Details

  • This retrospective review of electrolyte design and development considered Grignard, carborane, and fluorinated alkoxy-based electrolytes.
  • The complexities of solvation structure, which depend on the identity of the anions, has been summarized and provides comprehensive insight into the identification of electroactive species in the electrolyte solutions.
  • Understanding surface adsorption prior to divalent metal deposition provides for key insights that enable the sustainable deposition/dissolution of divalent metals as evidenced by multi-directional analytical methods.

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DOI: 10.1002/celc.202100484

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