The Quest for Functional Oxide Cathodes for Magnesium Batteries: A Critical Perspective

Histograms of capacities from a survey of >220 literature reports of oxide cathodes for Mg batteries. Median lines are shown by dotted horizontal lines within the distribution, with the median values (in mA h g−1) indicated.

Scientific Achievement

This Perspective describes a holistic approach to robustly confirm and quantify Mg intercalation in metal oxides, and critically surveys recent literature to reveal true state-of-the-art metal oxides for Mg batteries.

Significance and Impact

This Perspective reveals that there is often a significant disparity between reported capacities and stoichiometric changes in metal oxide cathodes in dry conditions. Of all materials analyzed, α-V2O5 and the spinels MgM2O4 (M = Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, V) are the current leading candidates for Mg battery cathodes.

Research Details

  • >220 metal oxide cathode materials were surveyed within the Mg battery literature
  • Mg intercalation activity was ratified by structural, redox, and elemental probes
  • Confirmed capacities at room temperature are low (median value of 59 mA h g−1)
  • Significant capacities only achieved at elevated temperature (50-110 °C) for α-V2O5 and the MgM2O4 spinels.

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DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.1c00416

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