• #AskBerkeleyLab: Batteries for Electric Cars

    Venkat Srinivasan, Department Head-Energy Storage and Distributed Resources at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and JCESR Deputy Director of Integration, explains how battery scientists are addressing the need for EVs with increased range and greater environmental impact. Read More

  • Next-Generation Batteries: A New Report

    Venkat Srinivasan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Yi Cui, Stanford University; Linda Nazar, University of Waterloo; and Michael F. Toney, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory talk to media prior to their symposium entitled Next-Generation Batteries for Mobile Devices and the Grid at AAAS 2015 Annual Meeting in San Jose, California. Read More

  • Energy Storage: Building a Better Battery via Public-Private Partnership

    Clean Energy Innovation: Building a better battery via public-private partnership – A team of government, university, and industry partners is seeking to create a next-generation battery that will help electric cars drive farther, provide renewable energy storage and help improve the electricity grid. Read More

  • The energy manhattan project that will change everything | Jeff Chamberlain | TEDxNaperville

    Jeff Chamberlain gave a TEDx talk focused on the importance of energy storage and the role JCESR is taking in the quest for better batteries. Read More

  • Future of Clean Energy in the Midwest

    David Danielson, Assistant Secretary for the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for the Department of Energy; Amy Francetic, CEO of the Clean Energy Trust; and Mark Peters, the Associate Laboratory Director for the Energy and Global Security Directorate at Argonne National Laboratory discuss the future of Clean Energy in the Midwest. Read More

  • JCESR: Moving Beyond Lithium-Ion

    This video entitled, “JCESR: Moving Beyond Lithium-Ion,” gives an overview of JCESR’s goals and its vision to transform transportation and the electricity grid with high-performance, low cost energy storage Read More

  • The Battery Storage Hub is Making the Battery of the Future

    Deputy Director Jeff Chamberlain (JCESR) details how JCESR research is aimed at developing batteries that will make electric vehicles cost competitive with the internal combustion engine. Read More

  • A Look Inside SLAC's Battery Lab

    Stanford materials science and engineering graduate student Zhi Wei Seh shows how he prepares battery materials in SLAC’s energy storage laboratory. Read More

  • Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries

    JCESR Director George Crabtree and Deputy Director Jeff Chamberlain discuss how JCESR will go beyond lithium ion batteries in this audio podcast. Read More

  • David Willets Visits JCESR

    UK Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts, visited Argonne National Laboratory and the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR). Read More


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