Brian Ingram

Lead Principal Investigator, Science of Material Complexity Thrust

Brian Ingram, Argonne National Laboratory, serves on the JCESR Directorate and has been a contributing investigator in the Multivalent Intercalation Thrust since 2013. In this role, he worked to develop, synthesize, and characterize magnesium and calcium intercalation host structures for next-generation batteries. Ingram established the first reported reversible non-aqueous calcium-ion battery system, which was a critical publication to encourage further research in this area. Additionally, Ingram utilized solid-state impedance spectroscopy directly measuring the long-range transport of Mg2+ in materials in direct support of NMR and DFT efforts.

Ingram established the correlation between the fundamental material properties and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) performance reliability in close collaboration with the Department of Energy and partner industry teams. In addition, he developed and delivered low cost diagnostic approaches for routine materials analysis that can be implemented directly on a manufacturing line.

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