A Nonaqueous Redox-Matched Flow Battery with Charge Storage in Insoluble Polymer Beads

A schematic representation of the redox-matched flow battery (top), the viologen and ferrocene-functionalized crosslinked polystyrene beads (bottom left), and the increased battery capacity when 1 and 2 redox equiv of beads were added (bottom right).

Scientific Achievement

Demonstration of a “redox-matched” flow battery.

Significance and Impact

Covalent attachment of redox-active moieties to crosslinked polymer beads, coupled with redox-matched solution-phase molecular mediators, allows high energy density without crossover or solubility issues.

Research Details

  • Viologen and ferrocene groups were covalently attached to Merrifield resin beads, creating a high effective concentration (1.0-1.7 M) of redox active moieties within the beads.
  • The beads are stored in the reservoirs and the electrolyte/mediator solution flows past them, eliminating the possibility of crossover of the bead-bound material.
  • The molecular mediators have structures very similar to the bead-bound species, such that their redox potentials are matched and they shuttle charge between the electrodes and the beads.

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DOI: 10.1002/chem.202200149

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