10 Questions for a Scientist
Dr. Anubhav Jain, a research scientist and chemist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses how high-performance computing is propelling JCESR forward. Learn more »
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Integrating Energy Storage onto the Grid at UIUC    Learn more »
NY-BEST JCESR Technical Conference Buffalo, New York

Welcome to JCESR

Director Crabtree

JCESR Director George Crabtree discusses the future of clean energy in “Clean Energy 2030: Building a Sustainable Future,” a UChicago – Argonne – Fermilab Joint Speaker Series event, held at Argonne on December 4, 2013.

JCESR is a major research partnership that integrates government, academic, and industrial researchers from many disciplines to overcome critical scientific and technical barriers and create new breakthrough energy storage technology.

Located just outside of Chicago at Argonne National Laboratory, our partners include national leaders in science and engineering from academia, industry, and national laboratories. Their combined expertise spans the full range of the technology-development pipeline from basic research to prototype development to product engineering to market delivery. JCESR will make rapid progress and meaningful advances by strengthening these links. More »