Reversible Calcium Plating and Stripping at Room Temperature Using a Borate Salt

(a) CV of Ca(B(Ohfip)4)2/DME electrolyte at room temperature, (b) SEM image and (c) EDX spectrum of deposited Ca along with CaF2, (d) LSV of Ca(B(Ohfip)4)2/DMT exhibiting excellent oxidative stability on Al, (e) CV and (f) galvanostatic stripping and plating of Ca on Au comparing performance of electrolyte with and without NBu4Cl.

Scientific Achievement

Novel low-ion pairing calcium salt developed that enables reversible calcium plating and stripping in 1,2-dimethoxy ethane at room temperature.

Significance and Impact

Results provide new insight into the preparation of existing and future calcium electrolyte systems, which are vital to develop novel electrode materials and take calcium-ion batteries forward.

Research Details

  • Reversible calcium stripping and plating at room temperature at capacities of 1.0 mAh·cm−2 and rates up to 0.5 mA·cm−2.
  • Salt exhibits excellent oxidative stability on a variety of substrates (Cu, Al, Au, SS).
  • NBu4Cl additive increases ionic conductivity and extends cycle life from 20 to 40 cycles.
  • Deposited material contains CaF2 (~10%) due to decomposition of the anion.

DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.9b01550

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