Recent Advances in Molecular Engineering of Redox Active Organic Molecules for Nonaqueous Flow Batteries

Summary of organic couples and the corresponding supporting salts demonstrated in either a coin cell, Swagelok cell, H-cell, or flow cell.

Scientific Achievement

This review article summarizes the recent work on organic molecules for redox flow batteries, both redox couples and tailored redox active molecules.

Significance and Impact

Publications on organic molecules for redox flow batteries have recently increased, and this review compiles many of the organic molecules examined.

Research Details

  • Recent redox couples that have been demonstrated in some form of a full cell configuration are compiled and discussed.
  • Recent work in molecular engineering to achieve desired properties is also discussed. Additionally, the reasoning behind each of the modifications are further rationalized to help guide future molecular engineering attempts.
  • The remaining challenges facing nonaqueous redox flow batteries are highlighted.

DOI:  10.1016/j.coche.2016.08.002

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