Realizing the Full Potential of Insertion Anodes for Mg-ion Batteries Through the Nano-Structuring of Sn

High resolution STEM analysis coupled with DFT simulations allows the effect of Mg insertion/removal on SbSn electrodes to be determined.

Scientific Achievement

High resolution STEM and Density Functional Theory were used in tandem to analyze the performance of SbSn anodes for Mgion batteries, shedding light on transport mechanisms and transport limitations of Mg2+ ions in the structure

Significance and Impact

Bulk scale materials do not currently reach their theoretical performance limits, implying that chemical/structural effects are complex. This work highlights a potential route to improving performance by nano-structuring the alloying materials in multivalent anodes.

Research Details

  • Density Functional Theory identifies that the reversible storage capacity is predominantly accomplished through transport of interstitial Mg ions
  • Microscopy identifies that Mg gets locked in substitutionally in Sb-rich regions, while Sn regions exhibit high reversibility in Mg insertion.

Work performed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (JCESR partner) L. R. Parent, Y. Cheng, P. V. Sushko, Y. Shao, J. Liu, C. Wang, and N. D. Browning, Nano Letters, 2015.

DOI: 10.1021/nl5042534

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