Solid-State and Lithium-Metal Battery Technologies

Next generation lithium-based batteries are typically focused on cells containing lithium-metal anodes due to their potential to enable high energy capacities and densities. This includes solid state batteries which are widely considered an important innovation in the energy storage industry to create safe high-energy batteries for a range of end-use applications, including electric vehicles. A key element of a solid-state battery is the solid-state electrolyte which needs to support very high lithium ion conductivity, while maintaining electrochemical and chemical stability against both the anode and cathode. JCESR has a growing portfolio of next generation lithium-based battery technologies, including several granted US patents for lithium-metal battery applications.

Granted Patents:

US Patent # Title (URL) Institution(s) Inst. Identifier
10,553,874 Protective coatings for lithium anodes Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-16-168
10,547,088 High Coulombic efficiency cycling of metal batteries Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PNNL-30631
10,367,189 Anode-free rechargeable battery Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PNNL-30631