Multivalent-ion Battery Technologies

Energy storage devices based on multivalent metals have the potential to meet the needs of large-scale energy storage, due to the relatively high abundance and low-cost of elements such as magnesium, calcium, aluminum and zinc. However, studies of previous multivalent metal-ion chemistries demonstrated that significant technical challenges need to be overcome to move these nascent technologies toward commercialization, such as developing new electrolyte formulations and cathode materials as well as enabling high capacity metal anodes. JCESR’s multivalent-ion battery technology portfolio has been developed to addresses these challenges and now features more than seven granted US patents including new electrolytes, additives and cathode materials for magnesium-ion and calcium-ion battery applications.

Granted Patents:

US Patent # Title (URL) Institution(s) Inst. Identifier
10,868,335 Electrolyte salts for rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-17-161
10,593,996 Halogen-free electrolytes for magnesium batteries Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-16-106
10,297,829 Polyanthraquinone-based organic cathode for high-performance rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-15-126
10,090,519 Magnesium electrochemical cells Argonne National Laboratory, Northwestern University ANL-IN-14-104
10,020,538 & 10,680,285 Salts for multivalent ion batteries Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-15-004
9,698,448 Electrolytes for magnesium electrochemical cell Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-14-059
9,601,801 Electrolytes comprising metal amide and metal chlorides for multivalent battery Argonne National Laboratory ANL-IN-14-030