On the challenges of materials and electrochemical characterization of concentrated electrolytes for redox flow batteries

Scientific Achievement

This perspective highlights the status of, and propose future approaches for, rheological, electrochemical, and spectroscopic characterization of electrolytes with high concentrations of redox-active analytes for energy storage, with an emphasis on nonaqueous redox flow batteries (RFBs).

Significance and Impact

The work offers insight into the challenges of evaluating concentrated RFB electrolytes, informs the reader of current and emerging characterization methods described in the literature, and suggests future research directions which may accelerate the development of high performance and energy dense electrochemical systems (e.g., state-of-the-art batteries).

Research Details

  • The perspective presents rheological and transport phenomena considerations that must be evaluated when characterizing concentrated analyte systems.
  • The work subsequently discusses electrochemical and spectroscopic characterization methods that can provide insight into key fundamental processes of concentrated electrolytes.

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DOI: 10.1039/d2ta00690a

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