MoS2 for beyond lithium-ion batteries

Scientific Achievement

This perspective discussed recent development on the fabrication of novel MoS2 nanostructures, their application in beyond lithium-ion batteries and in-situ/operando characterization methods involved. An outlook was provided for its application in the future advancement of the beyond lithium-ion batteries.

Significance and Impact

This perspective offers a brief summary and outlook that will contribute to the future advancement of the beyond lithium-ion batteries.

Detailed sections

  • The approaches used in the MoS2 nanostructure synthesis, including the MoS2 of different geometries and on different supporting substrates are reported.
  • In-situ/operando characterization methods used in the study of MoS2 application in lithium-ion and beyond lithium-ion batteries are discussed.
  • An outlook for exercising the strategies mentioned in the perspective in Ca2+ ion batteries is proposed together with other perspective applications of MoS2.

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DOI: 10.1063/5.0050118

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