Molecular Design of Low Viscosity Ionic Liquid for High Performance Electrolyte

Introduction of the methoxy group in the cation improves the dynamics of both cations and anions.

Scientific Achievement

Computationally predicted viscosities confirmed by experimental measurements.

Significance and Impact

The accuracy of the force field and reliability of the viscosity calculation method were confirmed by comparing calculated results with experimental measurement.

Research Details

  • The viscosities of several phosphonium-based ionic liquids were studied using the newly developed time-decomposition method and it was found that the viscosity of [P222(101)][pyrr] is the lowest among those studied.
  • The viscosities were also measured experimentally and the trend is consistent with the simulated results.

Work performed at University of Notre Dame (JCESR Partner) and Kobe University by A. Otani, Y. Zhang, T. Matsuki, E. Kamio, H. Matsuyama and E.J. Maginn. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2016, 55, 2821-2830


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