Ammonium enables reversible aqueous Zn battery chemistries by tailoring the interphase

  • As a continued effort to make Zn metal anode reversible at lower cost, researchers at ARL explored a new supporting salt based on ammonium salt to alter the interfacial structure and interphasial chemistries.
  • The salt was synthesized at ARL and much cheaper than the phosphonium salt used in the prior work.
  • Zn reversibility is significantly enhanced with HER suppressed, as evidenced by widened electrochemical stability window and improved Coulombic efficiency.
  • The interphase chemistry brought by this ammonium salt allows a Na2V6O16-1.63H2O/Zn cell with >1,000 cycle lifetime.
  • Modeling reveals a reaction pathway forming an interphase comprising ZnF2, ZnCO3, and fluoro-polymeric species.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.oneear.2022.03.012

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