Research Integration

Imagine if...
a single research organization was created to integrate the people, ideas, and tools to transform battery science with designer batteries.

Transformative energy storage systems rely on the seamless integration of many constituent components. Indeed, key attributes of battery systems such as lifetime and safety are not simply functions of the individual components in isolation but rather emergent parameters based on the collective interactions among these components across multiple length and time scales. Each of the five JCESR research Thrusts pushes the boundaries of scientific understanding of a key aspect of energy storage systems.  When the Thrusts work together, integrating research and outcomes, JCESR can invent whole systems tailored to specific applications.

JCESR has two Research Integration Leads who are responsible for identifying and promoting cross-thrust efforts that create critical knowledge, reveal compatibility challenges, and lead to scientific breakthroughs.

This integrative function investigates system properties that arise from bringing advanced materials together, ensures rapid communication among the Thrusts, and maintains research coherence across the Hub. Model systems, all in the beyond-lithium-ion framework, serve to create a common platform for the research across the Thrusts, further increasing the cohesion.


When the Thrusts work together, integrating research and outcomes, JCESR can improve and invent whole systems tailored to specific applications.

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  • Technology

    JCESR’s focus has changed to building transformational materials from the bottom up, atom-by-atom and molecule-by-molecule, where each atom or molecule plays a prescribed role in producing the desired overall materials performance. We could not have done this 10 years ago when the advanced scientific tools … Read More

  • Team Approach

    JCESR is a collaborative team of engineers and scientists with very broad backgrounds. In the battery space we are now facing challenges that required a multidisciplinary approach that no single group can achieve. Made up of 18 partner institutions, JCESR’s diversity and the opportunity for … Read More

  • Renewed Focus

    JCESR has had a very successful first five years. The personal relationships we’ve formed now enable us to move forward with even more momentum. Recently, the team of more than 150 came together for its first full program meeting since renewal. As stated by the … Read More

  • Simulation and Measurement of Water-induced Liquid-liquid Phase Separation of Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Mixtures

    Computationally predicted liquid-liquid phase equilibrium confirmed by experimental measurements. Read More

  • Unified Platform for Ion Transport in Inorganic Glasses, Polymers and Composite Solid Electrolytes

    In this review paper, ion transport parameters in seemingly different solid electrolytes – glasses, polymers, and composites - were presented on a unified platform. Read More